Here I go. Again.

How many blogs does it take to get to the center of one’s guilty conscience?

I’m thinking about blogging again. It seems like a good idea, but it always does at the beginning. Then it again turns into the obligatory journal I tried to keep while I was teaching high school, which is to say, I keep up the practice for the first two weeks of school, and then, let the slacking begin! Why is that?

  1. Life gets in the way.
  2. I have nothing to say on a given day.
  3. I try to blog too much too often, fail, then the snowball effect begins.
  4. My blog entries are way too long because I feel uncomfortable leaving loose ends.
  5. I feel an obligation to be profound and to stick to professional issues only when what I’d really like to do is blend in the personal (e.g., thoughts on food, family, politics, etc.).
  6. Something in me wants a thread, a theme. Closure—also nice.

Well, I could continue, but this list is beginning to sound pretty convincing, and I don’t want to quit before I even start, so to rebut:

  1. Yep, life will get in the way. Always has, always will, but the practice of writing is the compelling reason for doing this.
  2. Yeah, right.
  3. A weekly minimum would suffice—say, 3 entries per week.
  4. Limit myself by number of words or time. Remember Hemingway’s revelation in A Moveable Feast about ending while you still have something to say so you’ll have a place to pick up the next day? I should probably heed it.
  5. Break the rules and blend away.
  6. “Mebbe so,” as Lynley used to say. This may or may not happen, but at least the kernels of thought will be there if something does. If nothing else, the overall theme of the blog should suffice…

…and that’s “A Little Something,” a tidbit if you will, like those two-bite brownies at Whole Foods.

(These are surprisingly good, BTW. If you’re in a pinch for a party, try this: a platter with two-bite brownies on the right, Whole Foods’ coconut macaroons on the left, and fruit piled in the center. Strawberries look best, but always go seasonal and local, when possible. Nudge, nudge–are you getting the picture on the blending thing?)

So here goes. Again. A Little Something, 3 X per week, be it a brainstorm, a pic of last night’s dinner, or a political rant.

Wish me stamina and creativity aplenty!


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