My interview on NWP Radio

So, this was pretty cool.

A couple of weeks ago I got to participate in the harrowing experience of live radio and talk about Tough Talk, Tough Texts in the context of what teachers can do to support kids as they talk about difficult subjects, like 9/11. Here’s what the episode was about according to the NWP Radio site:

September 11th, 2011, marks the 10th anniversary of the devastating attack on the World Trade Center. How is this subject being surfaced, taught, and talked about in classrooms? What critical literacy practices support students in finding a voice as they navigate the complexities of challenging topics, such as 9/11? Tune in to NWP Radio to hear an array of perspectives from NWP teachers and colleagues such as Holly Epstein Ojalvo, editor of the New York Times Learning Network, and Jennifer Lemberg of the Holocaust Educators Network.

The other “NWP teachers and colleagues” featured were Corey Harbaugh from the Third Coast Writing Project and me from the CSU Writing Project. (Jennifer is also a TC for the NYC Writing Project.)

I learned a ton from my fellow guests. Listen in and tell me what you think.

Listen to
internet radio with NWP radio on Blog Talk Radio

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