writing prompt #4: stack of books

I wrote a baseball poem sort of, thanks to Jane Phelan, who borrowed this prompt from Nancie Atwell. It’s a good one that reminds me a little of book spine poetry.

Take your kids to the library and ask them to pull 5-6 interesting books from the shelves. Don’t open them (yet). Just stack them, then create a poem with the titles.

The titles I picked were… The Great American Baseball Stats Book, The Great American Guide to Baseball,  Something More, The Courage to Be Rich, Mindless Eating, and The Children’s Dictionary. Here’s my poem:


Something More


Did the author of

The Great American Baseball Stats Book

have the courage to be rich?


Was this book,

(certainly used and

jammed horizontal

under The Great American Guide to Baseball,

into the stacks of a

loft of a

bookstore called “Matter”)

the sure thing that would be his something more?


Or is he given now to mindless eating,

gorging daily on hot dogs and roasted peanuts

and buckets of warm beer,

cheering from the cheap seats

of the cool basement

at the game that is now his life,

and wishing that he had

catalogued a more useful thing,

words perhaps

for a children’s dictionary,

morsels more spare and




One thought on “writing prompt #4: stack of books

  1. Cre8tvCottage says:

    I liked how you wove in the title Something More as what I see as the underlying theme of your poem and used the other titles to ask questions of the author of The Great American Guide to Baseball and what his life might have been like.
    I read all of the books before I put them in my classroom, so I waited until my library was dark and randomly picked books. I picked Dear Dumb, Diary Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, Flat Stanley’s African Safari Discovery, Is That an Angry Penguin in your Gym Bag?, What’s the Big Idea?, New Year Dragon Dilemma, and Prize-Winning Russian Blue.
    Getting ready to try to create a poem now.
    Didn’t you say that Writing Colony was only a week? If so, this is the last morning pages for the summer.

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