long time no write

Today, as I returned to this little blog in preparation to share an earlier entry on curriculum planning with my Methods class, I realized: Oh, how I have missed you little blog. I’ve read about a million posts on blogs re-begun–so many in fact that I do believe someone should do a genre study entitled “Blogs ‘o Guilt.” There would be no shortage of material. (Unfortunately, mine could be a featured.)

One rub, of course, is time, but recently, I read that President Obama and Elie Wiesel are co-authoring a book. In their spare time. So, well, perhaps I have no excuse.

Yet another rub is having something to say.

Fortunately, the concurrent NWP Annual Meeting and NCTE Conference begin this week in Vegas. I’m headed out Wednesday and will have a packed schedule while I’m there, presumably for the purpose of saying a few things and participating in some opportunities that might allow me to think about a few more. You may be interested in some of it, so I’ve posted links to related projects below. If I can carve out the time, I may blog while I’m there. If not, you can follow my tweets at @Cindy_OA. Here’s what I’ll be doing:


  • Attending a preliminary meeting to discuss possibilities for the CSU Writing Project to connect with a science museum. This project is funded by an NSF grant recently awarded to the National Writing Project.
  • Participating in a leadership team meeting for LIteracy in the Common Core, another NWP initiative co-funded by the Gates Foundation to develop innovative curriculum aligned with the CCSS.


  • Co-presenting a session at the NWP annual meeting on teachers generating knowledge at NWP summer institutes. Joining me will be CSUWP fellows Beth Lewis, Jenny St. Romain, and Pam Downing, along with Kim Douillard and Christine Kane of the San Diego Area Writing Project.


  • Attending my first meeting of the NWP Board of Directors (I’m pretty excited about this one) and a reception for NCTE bigwigs.


  • Co-chairing with Antero Garcia our first meeting of the NCTE Research Forum. Our goal–to integrate the voices of early career scholars and more teachers in research activities at NCTE
  • Attending sessions led by other CSUWP fellows–social studies teacher Rachel Wood and science teacher Erin Pearson–on teaching literacy in the content areas


  • Co-faciiltating with Peter Smagorinsky and Micheal Smith the Ramon Veale Seminar for early career scholars


  • Hanging out with Cirque de Soleil performers, folk from the Smith Center of the Arts, and those mustachioed people below to work with English educators on integrating literacy, the arts, and civic literacy in the English classroom

Here’s hoping that after all that, I come back with something to say.Image











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