Best of 2012: Pt. 2

Today’s RWB Log:

R = elliptical + weights

W = yesterday’s “Best Of” blog post

B = read Vogue (which undoubtedly will have zero impact on my fashion choices for 2013, but color-blocking–still in!)

Happy New Year!

I have a toast and a wish for you. The toast: This year, may you enjoy being yourself. You must read to the end for the wish.

My rule yesterday was one pic per month to document the best of 2012. After reviewing potential applicants for the last 6 months of the year, I am modifying (i.e., breaking) this rule in 2 ways:

  1. Some months, one picture just will not do.
  2. “Best” is a relative term; sometimes it won’t translate to “happy.”

The first case in point is…


This was the month of the CSUWP summer institute (happy-best) and the High Park Fire (brutal-best).


These events intersected for one of our summer institute fellows, forcing her to withdraw from the SI as her house was in the path of the fire. Thanks (?) to a good dose of slurry, her house made it through still standing. Thanks to her indomitable spirit, she will be joining us again for the the 2013 summer institute.


So, this happened.

ImageTo commemorate my promotion to Full Professor, we had a Mustache Party. Why a Mustache Party? After having said event, the obvious answer is “Why NOT a Mustache Party?” (Also, this is what happens when you seize upon a party theme late at night when browsing through Evite after consuming one too many glasses of your husband’s justifiably famous sangria.)



President Obama was the first sitting president to come to CSU. Thanks to my well-connected colleague Leslee Becker, Will and I were there. That’s us–the old ones in the upper-left corner, looking a little bit crazed, behind all those kids.



The 4th of July fireworks were rained out this year, so the city delayed them until Labor Day weekend. We headed to City Park for this serene evening, and I felt blessed yet again to live in such a beautiful place.



Another month, another party. This time, it was a Bone Voyage for Lexie who prepared to sail off for her grand adventure as a Youth Activities Counselor on the Disney Dream. The food was great. The decorations speak for themselves. And the people, well, as usual, they were the best.




For the first time ever, we voted as a family in a presidential election.

ImageHere’s what happened next. He won.

ImageEddie Munster couldn’t believe it.


And these people…


were way too tired to care.







This month, I gave thanks for:

  1. FaceTime because it lets us talk to Lexie on a regular basis.Image
  2. The men o’ mine who got to see a Bronco’s game (but, obviously, not entirely up close).ImageImage
  3. This puppy, enjoying Christmas.Image
  4. And this little beauty looking fabulous in a new dress on New Year’s Eve.Image

And finally, my New Year’s wish for you:

This year, come what may, I hope you will be surrounded by people like these–people you love unequivocally–who love you unequivocally back.



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