how the conversation on illegal pete’s is unfolding

2014-10-28 02.56.26 pm

I’ve been out of town for the past few days, but have tried to respond to the comments on my last post objecting to the name of the restaurant “Illegal Pete’s.” After reading the comments, I suspect that those readers and others might appreciate seeing the following links to give you an idea of how the conversation is unfolding. I’ve posted them in chronological order.

These are in addition to other relevant links I included in the comments section of my last post. Please take a look at those, too.

I haven’t included other links that are word-for-word reprints of the 10/24 Coloradoan article. Although these have appeared in several news outlets and on blogs, they don’t add new content.

Having attended the meeting last Wednesday, I was disappointed in the Coloradoan’s coverage because it bore little resemblance to the civil, thoughtful dialogue I witnessed taking place between Mr. Turner and my CSU colleagues, our students, and Fort Collins community members. Quotations were stripped of the context in which they were uttered, making them sound unduly inflammatory. For instance, a reference to Mr. Turner’s discomfort made by the person of color was actually made in response to Mr. Turner’s own opening remarks. It was part of a larger conversation that acknowledged Mr. Turner’s contributions to the community.

Language matters. That was the point of the meeting in the first place. The Coloradoan’s report is getting taken up by other news outlets, so it’s important that our local news source gets it right. Hopefully that will happen as the conversation continues to unfold.


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