we are the champions

TODAY’S AFTERNOON PAGES PROMPT is brought to you by Kelsea, Lexi, and Devontay. Here it is:

Watch this video first…and then…

It’s National Poetry Month! Therefore, please write a poem in the format of your choosing. In your poem, address these questions:

How would you advocate for your students? What are specific ways you might be able to be a ‘champion’ for them? How might you go about advocating for students that might be ‘ignored’ in the educational system because of things such as race, class, gender, ability, etc? You do not have to address all of these questions in your poem unless you want to; focus on the ones that you are most interested in.

(what follows is the first draft of my poem.)



Champion: n., One who wins

Champion: adj., Victorious, winning

Champion: v., To hold another up so that they can be victorious

Teachers embody most parts of speech.

They can win:

at reaching their students, at teaching out of their minds

They can reign:

sit at the head of the class with their makeshift crowns and duct-taped scepters against the odds of insufficient funding, inadequate pay, disinterested parents, uneducated policymakers

Or (and this is it; the heart of the crux of the center of the thing) they can

hold others up–(support, not attack; enable, not thwart;

[students, colleagues, administrators, parents, community members, policymakers — all were students oncewhathappened

Teachers embody most parts of speech.

Teachers can champion champions and champion us all.



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