Today, Anna Arcuri (my fantastic TA), has prompted us to think about setting intentions to guide our work/writing/living today. Here’s her prompt:

    • The writer of “Intention Setting 101” Melissa Eisler, defines intentions as “heart-driven and evoke feeling and purpose … Setting an intention is a way to bring your heart and mind into alignment.” Think of a positive intention you can set for yourself today during class. Write about what you need from yourself, your peers, and/or Cindy and Anna; then write about how you will achieve this intention.

I’ve been thinking about intentions a lot this year and have centered them around the word “abundance.” It’s at the top of my calendar, so I see it every day, but sometimes it becomes “wallpaper” that I don’t see anymore, even though I’ve written IN BLUE SHARPIE. Intentions can become wallpaper, too, I’ve discovered, so that I’m sometimes thinking, “Abundance, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Today, though, I looked at it purposely and wondered how it would shape my day. I wondered how every time fear for the future arise (it’s ever-present for me), I could let abundance frame my thinking.

What does it mean to teach from a place of abundance? What does it mean to write from a place of abundance? What does it mean to lead from a place of abundance? What does it mean to walk through my life that way?

It means that right now, at this present moment, I am (mostly) safe, I can see beauty all around me on this sunny day, I have the privilege of working with my students for the next 50 mins. at a very important stage of their lives. I have the opportunity to help them think about this moment as more than just leading to the next one. But first I have to believe it myself.

How will that knowledge guide my work today? I will gift them with abundant, generous listening. I will draw from my abundant experience to try to help them write their way into ideas that the rest of us can learn from. I will give them what I can to help them live abundantly, too.


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